THRIVE is a shining example of what could be done within the wider school system. Nobody thinks French Immersion doesn't belong in an inclusive system! I don't see the difference between the need for a separate setting to teach a different language and the need for a separate setting to teach language (and reading) to children who just learn differently!

Rick Moore, May 2008

Please see Landmark ruling for kids with LD in the Supreme Court of Canada
for more information about the Moore family's long, brave battle.


Written by Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 01-20-2014

While far from perfect, our public school system generally works pretty well. Many of today's teachers are extremely dedicated to their work and make great efforts to include and educate all of their students — regardless of need and often with little outside help.

THRIVE strongly supports the notion that most kids can find success in regular classes. Yet it's also true that today's teachers still face many pressures:

To be sure, there are many kids who struggle with school — and many reasons for those difficulties! And an alternative classroom like ours is not for most of them!

By contrast, THRIVE is specifically suited to help one particular kind of student: those who seem to show lots of potential yet still end up falling behind their peers in key areas. When this kind of profile is first noticed in a child, schools typically respond with some kind of pullout support. They will adjust expectations to help the child find more success and may even develop an Individualized Education Plan. Many parents will also seek out private tutoring.

If these kinds of approaches don't solve the problem, frustration will usually begin to build and "the experts" will be called in. If IQ tests show at least normal intelligence, the child's academic struggles may well point to the presence of a learning disability such as dyslexia. It is a puzzling fact that the brains of some obviously bright people process information in unusual ways — sometimes making "formal academic learning" more difficult.

If further efforts still don't result in greater success, it may be time to try something different for awhile! And that's where THRIVE fits in!   With fewer students than mainstream classes, we work hard to deliver creative, individualized programs that get these kinds of kids' skills and confidence growing fast! We use research-proven strategies and emphasize the use of assistive technologies that empower kids to take control of their own learning.

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