Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 09.02.2013

The Academy programs are learning tools — not video games! We know that the work they ask you to do can be hard and that they can seem overly demanding at times. Yet we honestly believe that there are still some great reasons to use them!

1.   The programs have helped many THRIVE students over the years.

We have been using the Academy programs since 2008. In that time, we've seen them help many kids improve their reading, spelling and math skills. With that in mind, I promise that if we were not confident that using them made a positive difference to kids, we would have dropped them long ago!

2.   Lots of other schools use them, too.

The company that develops and markets these programs has nearly 25 years of experience with them. The programs have been used successfully in hundreds of schools throughout Canada and the United States.

3.   Your work in both programs counts towards your marks!

You are expected to use BOTH programs at school on a regular basis — and you are welcome to use them at home, too. This work counts for 20% of your Language Arts grade and 50% of your Math grade each and every term.

4.   There is solid, scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

Numerous academic research papers and case studies have shown that the use of these programs is able to help children significantly improve their skills. Feel free to skim through these studies if you wish!

5.   You get a lot of BANG for your BUCK for this work!

Long-term tracking of kids has shown that students who log just 30 hours of Time On Task in either of these programs during one school year typically demonstrate about one and a half years of academic growth in that area!