"Thank you for welcoming us into your classroom. I was very impressed with the maturity of your students and their ability to take control of their own learning without having a teacher watching over them constantly. You have some amazing students — and they asked excellent questions!"

Janet Steffenhagen
Education Reporter
The Vancouver Sun
December 2008


Last Updated: 2016-08-31

Here are some of our favorite articles and pages that were first published on the main page of the THRIVE website.

You'll find a variety of different stories here — including items in the news, reflective essays and student projects. More will be posted as time permits.

1.   What Training for a Triathlon Taught Me About Teaching and Learning (Fall 2014)

2.   Supreme Court of Canada Rules in Favor of Kids With LD (Summer/Fall 2013)

3.   On The Set & Behind The Scenes (Spring 2012)

4.   It's Anything But Easy (Spring 2011)

5.   Just One Change (Spring 2010)


Last Updated: 2016-08-31

While not seeking attention, THRIVE has been written about by other people a number of times over the years. While some of the information in these articles is now a bit out of date, we keep these links here to help people to better understand what we do.

1.   Written by Kurt Heinrich, the VSB's Public Relations Manager, the article Nootka THRIVE Program Produces Video About BC's Endangered Species appeared on the District's main website throughout the Spring of 2015. (Published: April 9, 2015)

2.   Star Filmmakers Found In Unlikely Spot was a second blog post by Ingrid Wickelgren. It describes the completion of our film, Poisoning The World. (Published: June 13, 2012)

3.   One Man’s Mission to Save Struggling Students was a blog post on the website of Scientific American Mind magazine. It was written by writer Ingrid Wickelgren after she spent a day with us. (Published: March 19, 2012)

4.   SFU Student Brings Science to Life for Kids With L.D. was an article published by the Communications Officer for Let's Talk Science on June 15, 2010.

5.   Learning Disabilities and Schools: A Mother's Perspective was one reader's response to the Sun article published a few days earlier.  Published: January 8, 2009.

6.   Learning Disabilities at Nootka was a blog post by Education Reporter for the Vancouver Sun, Janet Steffenhegen.

7.   School Choice and Thriving Students was a blog post on the website of the Vancouver Sun newspaper (Published: November 29, 2008)