Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 01-08-2018

This part of our program offers students a chance to extend their learning through a variety of neat tasks and activities.

The goal is to see kids develop new skills, express their creativity and learn more about the world we share. Every task comes with clear directions, helpful supports, an expiry date, and a list of potential rewards!

The Challenge Center is an optional part of our program! That means that students are not required to participate in any of these activities. Kids get to decide for themselves which ones they want to take on!

Students who sign up for the Challenge Center get a beautiful, printed folder to keep track of their accomplishments over time. Thanks to funding provided by the Arbutus Rotary Club, kids can also work towards some really neat prizes.

There's a role for families to play, too! While kids will be able to complete many of the tasks we present on their own, a few of the challenges may need a bit of support. So families are encouraged to review the list of posted challenges from time-to-time.

These activities connect with the kids' academic goals, emphasize the principle of hands-on learning and encourage them to make use of school and community resources. They help kids discover what works for me. Best of all, many of the tasks are a lot of fun, too!