"To put it simply, fluent recognition or understanding of letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, or pages upon pages of text depends on one simple factor — familiarity with the letters, words, meanings, or ideas that are in the text. And … the only way to achieve familiarity is repetition — much more of it that you would suspect. "

Dr. Frank Wood
Emeritus Professor
Wake Forrest University
The Big Picture In Literacy
Posted on The Professor's Blog
May 2011

The core of this alphabetic approach is to establish the concept of words built out of phonetic units. So, it is essential to change the student's attitude toward words from things that are to be remembered as
— and to
eliminate guessing.

Paraphrase of a key passage
from The Gillingham
, p. 32


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Updated: 04-20-2016

Most kids with dyslexia (and other forms of LD) need to be taught to read, spell and write in a systematic, multisensory way. This page introduces you to the Orton Gillingham-Inspired Drill Cards that we've created to help fill that need — cards that we make available for free to any teacher, tutor or parent who can use them.


The complete set includes about 175 double-sided, full color index cards — each one highlighting a different letter, syllable or principle, including:

The cards use an easy-to-learn cursive script and they can be used in many different ways. (Details, examples and videos to be posted soon!)

The back sides of the cards include keywords, common sounds, and lots of examples showing how these sounds are used in other common words.

In providing these cards for free, our hope is that they will help many children to "thrive" in school — just as they've already been doing for years in our program.