There is controversy about whether people should be identified as learning disabled. Parents and teachers sometimes think that having the label dyslexic or learning disabled will make a child give up and not try, or become sad and angry. The reverse is the case; the label helps the person understand the problem.

Dr. Linda Siegel
Understanding Dyslexia
And Other Learning Disabilities

Page 97


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 09-27-2013

THRIVE gets a lot of visitors and our guests tend to ask many of the same questions. Here's how I answer a few of the most common queries!

1.   Are there any other classes like THRIVE??

THRIVE is one of a small number of special programs for children with learning disabilities in the Vancouver School District. While the programs have some things in common and tend to have very dedicated staff, it is also true that each of these classes have their own look and feel.

2.   How do I get my child into your class?

Placements in THRIVE (or any of the VSB's other alternate programs) are open to students in any public elementary school in Vancouver. To be eligible, students must already have been assessed as having a learning disability, according to BC Ministry of Education criteria (see pages 46 to 51). To get the process started, your child's School Based Team must submit a referral form to the District Case Manager.

3.   Why do you give away the resources you've developed for free? You could probably make lots of money to help run THRIVE by selling them!

The way I approach these kinds of things is summed up beautifully by these words, Freely you have received, freely you should give. That's how I try to live.

4.   Why do you emphasize learning to handwrite?

There are still many good reasons to learn handwriting, especially for kids who have struggled in with printing! You can read more on this page.

5.   Why do you always write THRIVE with capital letters?

The name seems to look better and stronger that way!

6.   Could I come for a visit?

Subject to a few conditions, we operate with an open door policy. Visits are welcome.

If you have other questions about THRIVE, feel free to contact me.