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Kite Strings

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Hills and Valleys

Capitals and Sentences


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 03-13-2017

While computers and keyboarding can be a great way to get your thoughts on paper, there is little doubt that we still need to write by hand.

While many teachers no longer teach handwriting, there are still many good reasons to do so, especially for kids who have struggled with printing. The free worksheets and supports found here were designed to help kids do just that!

Our approach introduces the alphabet in small groups of letters. The letters are introduced in a specific order with new skills building upon previously learned ones.

Teachers and tutors can also find a wide variety of instructional supports here — including a big, colorful banner for the wall of your classroom, our Orton-Gillingham inspired Drill Cards and large-scale versions of letters and combinations that can prove to be difficult for some kids.

While the pages work best with color printers, they also work well when printed directly with monochrome printers — especially when printed directly from the original PDFs. (Copies of copies tend to lose some of the quality.)