Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 01-17-2014

You've most likely reached this page because you were looking for ideas on how to scaffold and support the development of learning strategies in kids with LD. Here are some of the ways we try to do these things in THRIVE:

1.   We glue relevant strategy sheets onto the front and back of a colorful, legal-size file folder for each student — and then laminate the whole thing to make it last. On the inside of this folder, we include things like their Growth Plan (i.e. child-friendly IEP), charts they can use to keep track of their work and/or lined pages for teacher-written notes and observations. Kids use these folders every day — and must bring them to all 1:1 conferences with teachers (where the strategy pages can be referenced as needed).

2.   In conferences and when marking a child's work, we study the errors and look for patterns. When such a pattern becomes evident, we make an explicit link to a relevant strategy noted on the child's folder. Here's something you could try the next time you run into this kind of problem …

3.   Intentionally use the language of strategic thinking as often as you can. Speak it! Explain it! Look for evidence of this kind of learning in how your students work! Model it in mini-lessons! Use it in the directions to your assignments!

4.   Show examples of the work of previous students on similar tasks and assignments and highlight evidence of the effective use of the strategies you're working on!