Written by Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 2012-05-21

BC Ministry of Education policy directs that letter grades be assigned to students in Grades 4 through 12 for coursework where the regular curriculum is being taught. Generally speaking, BC schools use the following grading scale:

   A (86–100%) • B (73–85%) • C+ (67–72%) • C (60–66%) • C— (50–59%) • I (Less than 50%)

Although THRIVE teaches many of the same skills and covers many of the same topics, we are able to help children primarily because we deliver high-quality individualized academic programs. In this sense, THRIVE offers what is called a "modified" academic program.

Ministry of Education guidelines put it this way: "Some students may require extensive modifications to their program. Some or all of their learning outcomes will be substantially different from the regular curriculum. Evaluation will be based on the degree to which such outcomes are achieved. In this case, evaluation must be referenced to individually established standards."

Therefore, it is permissible to assign letter grades for individualized learning ONLY when a clear distinction is made between those marks and any grades given for work in courses adhering to the standard curriculum. So letter grades for work in THRIVE's individualized courses are shown in a separate section of the marks page for our reports. This chart outlines the main ways we communicate results to students and parents:

When considered alongside the comments in our term-by-term reports, these grades are an effective way of comparing student work against their own past efforts. Yet, due to the nature of individualized programming, it must be emphasized that individualized letter grades are NOT valid for student-to-student comparisons.