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Numbers Show BC's
Special Needs Students
Still Shortchanged

By Seth Klein and
Tyson Schoeber
Published Sept. 7th, 2015 in The Tyee

Thank you for being so upbeat and positive with your students! I believe the two years my daughter spent in THRIVE have been life changing. She experienced acceptance, gained confidence and now knows that she is not alone. You made learning fun and contagious.

Rich B.


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 11-16-2017

This part of our site is dedicated to helping parents of kids with learning disabilities, like dyslexia, find some help and encouragement.

While this is a launching pad for learning about THRIVE, a lot of the material here (and in other parts of this website) may be useful to any parent or family dealing with these kinds of kids.

Open the drop-down menu above and take a look at some of the pages listed there. You don't have to tackle this all at one time! In fact, it may well be better to go at it a little at a time. Once you finish those pages, I really encourage you to also take a look at the Academy, Challenge Center and Students pages next. Later on, come back and check out some of the other sections — like our Handwriting, Math, Reading or Spelling pages.

There is a great deal of material on this site and it has taken MANY years to develop it all. So take your time to work your way through it! My hope is that you will find help, hope and encouragement for your parenting journey!