CRITICAL ASPECTS of Skilled Reading:

The foundation of reading

Cracking the code

Speed matters

Knowing lots of words

Digging for Meaning

Thoughts to inspire and motivate when you're
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Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 09-23-2014

Phonics is a kind of instruction that seeks to help students to understand and use the alphabetic principle to figure out words that they don't already know. The goal is to help students discover and master the predictable relationship between MOST of the sounds in words and the letters that are used to spell them.

As this understanding develops, students are empowered to crack the code for themselves and they become able to read increasingly difficult text on their own. The learning of phonics is built into many parts of THRIVE's individualized academic programming.


When used in a multisensory way, your Drill Cards can help you master phonics in a
step-by-step way.

A graphic showing one of our Drill Cards — a specially-designed flashcard based on the principles of the Orton Gillingham approach to reading instruction.

A picture of the cartoon character that narrates the Academy of Reading software.
The Academy of Reading

Just like the Drill Cards, this program does a very good job of teaching phonics. While it demands hard work, the improved reading skills you gain is definitely worth the price!


The colorful graphics we build for each new word that we add to our Word Wall are powerful tools that help kids to see phonics at work in complex words.

A picture of the cartoon character that narrates the Academy of Reading software.