Thank you for being so upbeat and positive with your students! I believe the two years my daughter spent in THRIVE have been life changing. She experienced acceptance, gained confidence and now knows that she is not alone. You made learning fun and contagious.

Rich B.


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Top Section Last Updated: 09-25-2017

THRIVE kids copy part of a short note into their Communication Book almost every day. We offer three different formats (i.e. printed, on graph paper and in handwriting) and kids are encouraged to write as much as they can. Families are asked to read and initial each message and are welcome to write back to school, too. This is another of the many ways to keep in touch with us.

A lot of important information is shared this way and the kids' books are checked for signatures most days. This page of our website repeats all of the messages sent home over the past couple of weeks in case a book is misplaced or a child is absent from school.


We are nearing the end of another read-aloud book that has proven to be very popular. It is called Silverwing and it was written by Kenneth Oppel about twenty years ago. The story centers on the evolving relationship between two bats —— both of whom are outcasts in their colonies. It won a whole bunch of awards and it is a very exciting book!


There are many changes to the way schools will be communicating with families about their children's learning this year. For example, we will have an additional set of parent-teacher meetings but there will be only two major written reports. Those reports will look very different, too! The District's hope is to improve connections between home and school.


Our Hip Hop dance sessions have been going really well for the past ten days! The kids are working hard and their routine looks great! Tomorrow is the big day with two different performances. In the morning, the classes will be performing for each other. In the afternoon, they will be performing for parents and families. That show is set to start at 2 pm.


Our primary goals center on helping each student build the academic skills they need to achieve their potential! To that end, I spend many hours each week preparing and marking assignments for the kids. I really enjoy that work because it allows me to learn a great deal about each child — and that knowledge allows me to help each one make further progress.


We pass by a couple of big signs on our walk through Renfrew Ravine almost every day. The signs explain that the city is just about to start on some major work in the park and on the creek that flows through it. The plan is to make the park more natural and accessible — and the kids are thinking about making a film documenting those changes! It could be a really neat project!


Over the past ten years, my students have created a bunch of short documentary films. Several of them can still be watched on YouTube via our website if you would like to see them. The reason I'm writing about this today is that this group seems quite motivated to start another one! Making a film is a lot of work but the process offers many neat rewards, too!


We had our second Hip Hop dance lesson this morning and our routine is developing quickly! The instructor is enthusiastic and it is easy to see that most of the kids in both classes are trying really hard to learn all the steps! Please remember to keep sending gym strip every day. Running shoes are especially important because it's hard to move your feet in boots!


We had our first Hip Hop Dance class today. There are two classes in each session and we are all preparing for a special presentation at the end of next week. The instructor moved quickly but the kids generally seemed to do very well! There will be at least six more sessions before the performance so it is very important that everyone brings their PE strip each day.