Thank you for being so upbeat and positive with your students! I believe the two years my daughter spent in THRIVE have been life changing. She experienced acceptance, gained confidence and now knows that she is not alone. You made learning fun and contagious.

Rich B.


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Top Section Last Updated: 09-25-2017

THRIVE kids copy part of a short note into their Communication Book almost every day. We offer three different formats (i.e. printed, on graph paper and in handwriting) and kids are encouraged to write as much as they can. Families are asked to read and initial each message and are welcome to write back to school, too. This is another of the many ways to keep in touch with us.

A lot of important information is shared this way and the kids' books are checked for signatures most days. This page of our website repeats all of the messages sent home over the past couple of weeks in case a book is misplaced or a child is absent from school.


The new video camera we are borrowing from Panasonic arrived yesterday afternoon! The kids and I unpacked it together and most of us were surprised at how small it is! It shoots ultra high definition video but it fits into the palm of your hand. Wow! They also sent us some headphones, t-shirts and a few other items. Now it's up to the kids to make good use of all this neat stuff!


A number of kids have already shown me pictures they've taken for the Photography Challenge I posted on our website last week. The creativity they have been showing is wonderful to see!!! That said, there is still lots of time for your child to get in on the action if they are interested because this challenge is open until Spring Break.


The friend who has been organizing that petition I told you about last week has just sent me a story she wrote. It details how audio books have enabled her daughter (who has severe dyslexia) to thrive in high school. I learned a lot by reading this story and thought some of you might be interested in it, too! Let me know if you would like a copy!


The end of the year is still a long way off but I thought it was a good time to write about two of the awards that we get to present each June. Sponsored by the family of a former student for many years, one of the awards is for Academic Improvement and the other is for Citizenship. Both are open to THRIVE students in any grade and they each come with a $100 cash prize!


Another teacher gave me a copy of an essay that he has been sharing with his students. It is about how new technologies will profoundly change our world over the next decade. From self-driving vehicles to artificial intelligence, the author insists that we need to open our eyes to these realities! It's a fascinating read and I'd be happy to send a copy to anyone who asks.


One set of skills that we are always working on is what we call Class Participation. What does good listening look like? How often should you contribute to class discussions? What does your body language say to the others in the room? The answers to these kinds of questions come easily to some kids. Yet, for others, these important skills are learned only gradually.


I am happy to announce that our class has once again been accepted into the Panasonic Kid Witness News contest! As a result, the kids will soon have a new UltraHD video camera to work with! We have not participated for awhile but it was through this contest that my students won a number of awards for the documentary films they've made over the past ten years.


As a teacher, one of my goals is to see each student successfully complete every assignment that I give them. So I try my best to ensure that each assignment is at "the right level" for every child. The hope is that many small experiences of success will build their confidence and inspire the kinds of attitudes and efforts that lead to growth.


I am a big fan of audiobooks! Over the years, I have built up a huge collection of them for the kids — and many of them are out on loan to students right now. Along those lines, I sent out an email to all families last night about an effort to improve the availability of audiobooks in BC libraries. If you didn't receive that note, please let me know!


Welcoming a brand new student was our first task of 2018! We really look forward to getting to know him over the coming days! On another front, I introduced a brand new Photography Challenge to the class today. It is the first official challenge of this school year but two more will be introduced very soon. Full details can be found at!