Thank you for being so upbeat and positive with your students! I believe the two years my daughter spent in THRIVE have been life changing. She experienced acceptance, gained confidence and now knows that she is not alone. You made learning fun and contagious.

Rich B.


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Top Section Last Updated: 09-25-2017

THRIVE kids copy part of a short note into their Communication Book almost every day. We offer three different formats (i.e. printed, on graph paper and in handwriting) and kids are encouraged to write as much as they can. Families are asked to read and initial each message and are welcome to write back to school, too. This is another of the many ways to keep in touch with us.

A lot of important information is shared this way and the kids' books are checked for signatures most days. This page of our website repeats all of the messages sent home over the past couple of weeks in case a book is misplaced or a child is absent from school.


Thank you to all of the families that made it out for a conference yesterday! It was great to see the kids excitedly sharing their work with you and I really enjoyed spending time with each family, too! With that in mind, I also want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday as we head into Spring Break! School starts up again on Tuesday, April 3rd!


After six weeks of hard work, we are now getting close to the end of our Comic Book art project. We have only one more session with Julian and that's set for the afternoon of April 12th. Between now and then, all of the kids will finish drawing their comics in pencil. It seems like many of them have really enjoyed this project!


While a number of families have made changes to the schedule for tomorrow's Student Led Conferences, your time will stay the same unless you ask me to change it. You can check the updated schedule on our website if you wish. Keep in mind that these conferences are "student led" so your child needs to be here for them!


I sent an email to all families with a draft of the schedule for our Student Led Conferences last night. We really hope that every family can make it on Thursday — or sometime soon if that day doesn't work! The kids have lots of work and learning to share with you! If you want to change times, just let me know and we'll figure it out!


Thank you to all of the families that returned our Conference Request forms. I'm now putting together a draft schedule and I plan to send it out by email later today. On a related front, a number of kids did not receive all of their Daily Messages last week so we tried to catch them up this morning. Please check back to see if you missed reading any of them!


People I've never met often reach out to me to share stories about how their children are struggling in school. While I try my best to encourage and support every family who contacts me, the stories they tell are amazingly similar. That said, the fact that these messages keep coming makes it clear that too many kids are still not finding success in our schools!


This is just a friendly reminder that we have two open Challenges right now. One is a photography competition that encourages kids to get out and take pictures! Lots of pictures have already been handed in but the deadline is quickly approaching. The other is our Lego Challenge. Full details can be found on our website!


It's clear that lots and lots of people are feeling sick these days! That makes me think about ways we can try to protect ourselves from catching colds. One of the most important things we can do is to wash our hands with soap and water often. Another helpful thing we can do is to make sure we are getting enough sleep at night.


Our next Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, March 15th and the kids will be dismissed at 2 pm that day. The school buses have been alerted and should be there early. With that in mind, please return the enclosed conference booking form by Friday. As always, I will be happy to make alternate arrangements with families who cannot make it on that date.


In our almost daily read-aloud sessions, we continue working our way through Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel. This book is proving to be every bit as popular and engaging as its prequel, Silverwing. While both books are fantasies, one of the neat things about them is that they are filled with all kinds of neat scientific facts!