Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 05-04-2014

While printing and assembling one of our free spelling dictionaries should be quite easy, problems can still happen. This page outlines some simple tips that may help if you run into a snag.


If the pages seem mixed up even though you carefully followed all of the directions, it could be that your printer reversed the print order! It seems hard to believe but one of my own printers does exactly that!


The first stage of printing creates ten single-sided pages. That part should work no matter how your printer orders the pages! It is the work of double-siding that may need some extra care! If you run into this problem, I recommend that print pages 11 through 20 manually, one at a time.

Here's how the pages should be organized:

Title Page and Back CoverPage 1 and Page 38
Page 2 and Page 37 Page 3 and Page 36
Page 4 and Page 35 Page 5 and Page 34
Page 6 and Page 33 Page 7 and Page 32
Page 8 and Page 31 Page 9 and Page 30
Page 10 and Provinces and Cities Page 11 and Page 28
Page 12 and Page 27 Page 13 and Page 26
Page 14 and Page 25 Page 15 and Page 24
Page 16 and Page 23 Page 17 and Page 22
Page 18 and Page 21 Page 19 and Page 20


The printout looks smaller than expected.


Be sure that you are using legal sized paper (8.5 x 14"), not letter sized paper (8.5 x 11"). If you print this document on smaller sheets, your computer may scale the image down to fit the page but the booklet will not work correctly.


Some pages appear to be upside down.


You may need to rotate the paper before putting it back into your printer for the double-siding step.


The PDF files don't work right with my double-sided printer.


You can use a PDF editing program to move and/or rotate affected pages as needed. Macs have a built in program called Preview which can easily handle this task. For Windows users, try one of these free programs.