Check It Out:

Numbers Show BC's
Special Needs Students
Still Shortchanged

By Seth Klein and
Tyson Schoeber
Published Sept. 2015
in the Tyee

Over and over again, we see the enormous influence that teachers can have on the lives of people with learning disabilities. Praise and encouragement nourish self-concept but humiliation and blame destroy it.

Dr. Linda Siegel
Understanding Dyslexia
And Other Learning Disabilities

Page 66

"Thank you once again for your presentation back in July! Many of my colleagues mentioned how practical and useful the information was! You truly left us all feeling inspired that day."

H.S., Student Teacher
Summer 2015

Take a look at this Powerpoint presentation from the BC Ministry of Education, too. I've shared it with hundreds of people over the years. The implications of the facts on p.10 are utterly frightening.


Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 02-23-2017
The clipart was adapted from one of the images created by Philip Martin.

I began building THRIVE's first website many, many years ago. At the start, it was just a handful of pages for my students and their families. Yet this medium proved to be a fantastic tool and the site grew and grew as the years passed. Over time, it worked its way into more and more of our program.

It also did something that was neither planned nor expected: it opened up THRIVE to the world! Visitors began stumbling across us in surprising numbers. The site often sees 50+ visits a day — many of them lengthy and from distant parts of the world. Moreover, hundreds of those people have reached out to us in one way or another over the years, often connecting by email and then coming for a visit. Many of those people were teachers or tutors looking for help with the LD kids in their classes.

With all of these things in mind, I made a decision to try to more actively support those kinds of people several years ago. In this part of our site, you'll find teaching tips, strategy suggestions and printable resources created specifically for teachers, tutors and classrooms. There is already a great deal of material here and I have LOTS and LOTS more that will be posted as time permits.

You might also want to check some of the content-specific parts of our site:

•    600+ free, printable handwriting and math worksheets pages.

•    Our Orton-Gillingham-inspired Drill Cards.

•    A printable spelling dictionary that was designed for older kids who struggle with writing.

•    The pages dedicated to the Academy of Reading and Academy of Math software

You are welcome to download, print, use or adapt all of these resources you find here — for FREE, no strings attached. We are NOT selling anything except the idea that there is lots of hope for kids with LD! Our only requirement is that the materials we've produced not be reproduced for profit.

Freely we have received, freely we should give.