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Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 08-26-2014

Children who have difficulty with reading often have an awful time in school. Failing is hard and other kids can be mean. Moreover, parents and teachers can make the problems worse with criticism and judgement.

Sadly, these kids often become reluctant to read. It can be easier to act out or to pretend not to care than face such humiliation.

Yet the truth is that giving up and allowing yourself to fall further behind is a game with no winners. So, if ever you find yourself in that place, here are some great reasons to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start trying again. It is never too late!

Reading allows us to find information, learn new skills and solve the problems we face.

Clip art showing a boy chewing on a pencil, as if in deep thought.

Image from Philip Martin.

A drawing of a globe showing North and South America.

Reading enables us to learn about this great big world that we share.

Illustration by MajinCline

Strong readers tend to earn a lot more money throughout their lives than those who continue to struggle with reading.A photograph of some gold coins on a white background.

Photograph by Benjamin Miller

Reading can be like hunting for treasure. You never know what you might find!Clip art of an open treasure chest filled with gold coins.

Image from KidsTurnCentral.

If you're struggling in this area, spending time reading text at your level is essential. You won't make progress without it.

A drawing showing the old `Practice Makes Perfect' slogan scribbled upon and changed to read `Practice Makes Progress.'

Reading (or listening to) stories can be fun — and books are full of stories.

Clip art of an open treasure chest filled with gold coins.

Image from Philip Martin.

A photograph silhouette of a solitary man reading beside the ocean.

Reading can be a way to relax — to lose yourself in a good story.

Photograph by Kamil Porembinski

A drawing of a bright light bulb to symbolize the dawning of a new idea.

A book may change your life one day. Ask around! It has probably happened to many people you know.

Image from Clip Art Panda

A simple graph depicting the relationship between amount of words read and the growth in a child's vocabulary.

The AMOUNT of reading you do is believed to be the biggest factor in the growth of your vocabulary.

Here's a link to a summary of the
research proving this point.

Qui-Gon said, The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.

(Yet the ability to read does!)

A photograph silhouette of a solitary man reading beside the ocean.

A picture of a screen with a 2nd Place Award stuck on it.

Most people will agree that the book is usually BETTER than the movie.

Ignorance is ugly and reading helps prevent it.

A photograph of a smart girl with glasses who is reading a book.

Photograph by Benjamin Miller

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