using XtraMath in thrive

Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 01-15-2018

XtraMath is a free, online math fact mastery program that THRIVE has been using for the past few years. Regular in-class use of the program by all of our students is expected. It can also be used at home, if desired.

The program tracks how well students do each day with the following codes:


Student finished a lesson with a score of 90% or better.


Student finished a lesson with a score of 75% to 89%.


Student finished a lesson but scored less than 74%.


Student did not complete a lesson (or failed to finish one they started).


At the end of each week, you will receive a mark based on your total points earned. Scholar Dollar Rewards are also earned for the top four scores:

12+ points = 4.0 (Outstanding) and $40 SD

10-11 points = 3.5 (Great) and $30 SD

8-9 points = 3.0 (Good) and $20 SD

6-7 points = 2.5 (Fair) and $10 SD

4-5 points = 2.0 (Pass)

2-3 points = 1.5 (Weak)

0-1 points = 1.0 (Fail)

Note that students also earn four bonus points PLUS $25 additional Scholar Dollars every time they earn a certificate for passing a level.